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Synology Packages

Throughout the years I have been using different Synology NAS devices, I wrote many scripts to get it to do some work for me. After a few OS updates that destroyed every custom script I had every time, I started packaging my own scripts so they could survive a system upgrade.

As I couldn’t find anything publicly available, this was quickly followed by sspks, a Simple Synology SPK Server. It has been reverse engineered from analyzing HTTP traffic from and to the official synology package server at the time. sspks doesn’t require a database, it uses the INFO and png file from the SPK. It’s an old and dirty php script, written on-the-go, but it does the job.

If you are also developing your packages and are looking for an easy way to host them on your Synology NAS, don’t look further, fork sspks on github, make it better if you wish, and start using it.

I recently started having a look at cross compiling packages thanks to the superb spksrc framework used by SynoCommunity.

I have forked spksrc in an independent repository to host my own packages (that may not interest SynoCommunity). Software that I packages is available on my SSPKS website.

Use my packages on your NAS

If you wish to help with the testing, or maybe because you need the functionality they provide, feel free to use my packages and report eventual bugs in the issues tracker.

Just add the following source to your Synology Package Center: http://packages.jdel.org/